17 Love Island Memes That’ll Seriously Make You LOL

We have one question about Love Island… WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITHOUT IT?

The ITV2 dating show has literally (and we mean literally) consumed our entire lives since it returned for a second series back in May.

From Zara’s de-crowning to that Terry v Malin reunion, there have been countless moments that have made us laugh, cry and, of course, scream hysterically at our televisions.

But even though we’re gutted about the programme coming to an end, there is something to smile about. What’s that? These HILARIOUS memes, obvs.

So if you’re feeling down about waving goodbye to Liv, Alex, Kady and co., read on…

1) Us too, mate. Us too

2) The first of many doppelgängers

3) When Terry went political

4) And Nathan went old-school

5) ‘Mug’ is now officially the word of 2016

6) Like, seriously. So much mugginess

7) MUG


8) We’ll even miss these two

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9) Twitter had a lot to say when Terry and Emma were voted off…

10) But TBH, it hasn’t been an easy ride for anyone

11) Alex really isn’t prepared for what’s about to happen to him

12) Adam and Katie’s visit to the hideaway didn’t quite end as expected

13) And we think we’ve found a new name for the show

14) Lauren Whiteside’s entrance ended up being a teeny bit of a disappointment. Soz gal

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15) Meanwhile, as all the drama with Olivia’s and Alex’s lie detector test unfolded…

16) Truly uncanny

17) SERIOUSLY WE CAN’T COPE :'( :'( :'(