How Love Island’s Marcel REALLY Feels About Those Racist Comments

Love Island's Gabby has been experiencing some disgusting abuse on Instagram. And now, her boyfriend is speaking out...

Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville were one of the strongest couples on Love Island this year.

They were the first to make things official in the villa, becoming boyfriend and girlfriend after a dramatic re-coupling, and made it to fourth place in the final.

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Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville

Since landing back in the UK and taking their romance to the ‘real world’, the pair have been posting a number of loved-up snaps and speaking out about their romance.

But, sadly, it seems as though Gabby has been dealing with something pretty upsetting behind the scenes. And, this week, she decided to shed some light on it.

Disgustingly, she’s been hit with racist messages on social media.

Gabby Allen

Gabby took to Instagram Stories to speak out about vile racial abuse

Opening up on Instagram Stories, the 25-year-old said: ‘…I’m absolutely horrified at the amount of disgusting racial abuse due to mine and Marcel’s relationship.

‘It’s completely unacceptable and to know that this is still goes on in 2017, it breaks my heart. I’ve grown up in multi-cultural and LGBTQIA environments all my life. To know that this is still a thing, I’m mind-blown.’

Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville

Gabby and Marcel appeared on Lorraine together this week

Opening up further on Thursday morning’s Lorraine, alongside Marcel, she said: ‘I just couldn’t believe in this day and age that I was ever going to come out to that.

 ‘We don’t hear about it as much as it’s hidden but it’s still going on and we need to hear about it.’
Now, her man Marc’ has revealed how he’s really feeling about the news. And, understandably, he’s pretty upset at the thought of his lady receiving hateful messages about their relationship.
Speaking to OK!, he said: ‘I feel like she should not be on the receiving end of that stuff because it’s not something to be negative about.’
The former Blazin’ Squad star confessed that he hadn’t got any of the messages himself, but said that he was ‘proud’ of his girlfriend for sharing her feelings and shedding light on the issue.
We’re sending our love to the couple.
And hoping that the keyboard warriors have taken note.