Love Island’s Malin Is About To Drop A Terry Bombshell

Last night’s Love Island must have been seriously tough viewing for Malin Andersson.

After being voted off last week, the 23-year-old beauty waited to see if boyfriend Terry Walsh would exit the villa to be with her.

First of all, he didn’t. But to make matters worse, he’s only gone and fallen for new arrival (and Tom’s ex), Emma-Jane Woodham. Eep.

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Yep, just days after Malin left the villa, we watched as Terry shared his first kiss with Emma on their romantic bike ride date last night.

‘It’s weird’, Terry told Emma. ‘It’s been a quick turnaround with me and Malin. She is a lovely girl, but I just don’t think we’re right for each other.’

And there was total chaos on Twitter as the episode unfolded, with Love Island fans waiting with baited breath to see how poor Malin reacted.


After posting a shocked face emoji during Terry and Emma’s kiss, Malin then tweeted that we better be prepared, as she had a bombshell to drop about her ex lover…

‘So I’m single… I’ll let you all know how I feel tomorrow and my version on things. Heads gonna explode’, she tweeted cryptically.

The blow comes just days after Malin tweeted to her 90,000 followers that she wholeheartedly trusted Terry.

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‘I adore @terrywalsh88 to bits… I will support him until/if he mugs me off. I know how editing can be so I’m just gonna have to wait and see’, she wrote.

‘We have a genuine connection and I know how we left it. If I’m wrong I’m wrong and that means he was fake all along. Time will TEL! (Sic).’

Time to move on, girl. (Or go back in the villa with a SMOKIN’ hot man). Either way, Terry’s so not worth it.