Love Island’s Malin Defends Her Clean Eating To Fans

The Love Island star was criticised for setting a bad example with her healthy eating habits, but Malin hits back...

You know what it’s like – you’ve been partying a bit too much and enjoying one too many takeaways, and you decide it’s time for a detox.

Which is exactly what Love Islands Malin did when she decided to employ some clean eating into her life and share a snap of her healthy-looking lunch.

Posting a photo to Instagram of a delicious plate of grilled salmon and spinach, Malin wrote: ‘Detox’. HOW good does that look?!

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Detox ?

A photo posted by MALIN ANDERSSON (@malinsaramakeup) on

But despite the brunette beauty’s innocent intentions, the foodie snap quickly ignited a bit of a debate in the comments section.

@malinsaramakeup You so SO have nothing to detox from Malin, you have the most amazing body and you are an incredible lady, don’t ever doubt yourself Xx’, one concerned fan wrote next to the image.

Whilst another accused Malin of promoting an unhealthy lifestyle to her fans, writing: ‘aka starving yourself for a few days.’

love island malin

We would *kill* for Malin’s sexy curves…

Seriously unfair. That is one totally balanced plate of food – which many other fans quickly pointed out.

‘It’s not starving when she’s clearly got a plate of food in front of her, it just means eating clean’, one retorted.

‘Bleedin hell let the girl eat her salmon spinach and sweet potato fries in peace’, said another.

malin love island lunch

Some fans criticised Malin’s meal…

Never one to sit back, Malin then decided to defend herself with a comment of her own. ‘Not starving myself I mean look at me haha’, she wrote back.

Malin, you look FAB. But we’re all for including a load of healthy greens in our diet… (As long as we can keep the pizza ?).