Love Island’s Malin Reveals She Had A Boyfriend When She Went On The Show

The Love Island beauty went through serious turmoil with Terry Walsh on the show - but turns out, she'd already met someone she liked off-screen...

If you weren’t watching Love Island this summer (which we assume you were), then you missed out on more shocking moments than we’ve ever seen on weeknight TV.

There were de-couplings, re-couplings, MORE de-couplings and even a dramatic de-crowning, but our favourite reality moment has to be courtesy of fierce Island favourite, Malin Andersson.

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When Malin rocked up on her ex Terry Walsh’s man-date, to confront him for hooking up with newcomer, Emma, just hours after she was evicted – we think we actually saw Tez’s jaw hit the floor.

And it’s safe to say it went OFF between the two.

But despite having her heart broken by Terry on the show, off-screen Malin was privately dealing with another tough breakup.

Wait, what?!

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It turns out the 23-year-old had a secret boyfriend, who she actually left to appear on the popular reality show… and now she totally regrets it.

Admitting she made the biggest mistake of her life breaking it off with the mystery man, Malin told Now: “I met him a year after [I was on] Take Me Out – he was a passenger on one of my flights when I was working with Emirates. It was like a little love story and we clicked straight away.

“He was so good to me. But it was so tough and we had a few arguments by the end. And then I got approached to do [Love Island] and they said that I’ve got two weeks before I go on the show.”

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“Then I was like ‘Do I tell him? I won’t tell him.’”

When asked why she didn’t break the news to her ex about plans to go on the show, Malin admitted: “I was like ‘He was in Dubai he won’t see it anyway.’ I’m a d***head.”

Despite her bubbly persona on-screen, the reality star revealed that behind the scenes she was seriously upset about the fallout with her ex-boyfriend and couldn’t stop crying. Aww.

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Producers of Love Island even approached her ex to go on the show and appear alongside Malin, but he turned the down to focus on his job. (And we just don’t think we could have handled that much drama.)

After romances with fellow star, Terry, and more recently Jeavon Strett, who also paired up with Charlotte Crosby on the Channel 4 show Celebs Go Dating, Malin has realised her ex was definitely ‘the one’.

Speaking of their relationship now, the reality star said: “He was on-and-off ignoring me for like two weeks at a time. And then he said to me, ‘You f***** a guy on national TV, you wh*** bag.’ I put him through the works: he lost loads of weight. It was disgusting.

“He blocked me on Twitter, he blocked me on Instagram. I kept messaging him like: ‘I wanna see you, I wanna see you, I wanna see you.’

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Malin’s ended her relationship with new man Jeavon

“He finally agreed to see me… I told him “I love you” and he said that ‘I’ve got some grafting to do.’

“We went for dinner and he was like “I can’t believe what you did. And then you go date some random t***.”

(We think he’s talking about Jeavon there – ouch.)

Malin finally said: “I think he feels like an absolute fool and all his friends are like ‘what are you doing?’

“But you know when you really love that one person and all I can do is hope he forgives me. I’ve never felt like that about anyone in my life.

“I feel like a complete idiot. I just don’t know what to do.”

Well here’s hoping the pair work it out and Marls can win over this lucky man.

By Naomi Bartram