So… How Accurate Is The Love Island Lie Detector Test?

Former Islanders have spoken out

Well… last night’s episode of Love Island was dramatic, wasn’t it?

We saw the girls take a lie detector test, which resulted in suspicion and arguments galore. We’re looking at you, Sam, Olivia and Gabby.

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Olivia on Love Island

The lie detector test caused tension last night

But while the test makes for great telly, viewers have one question on their minds – how accurate is it?

Tweets included: ‘Everyone getting aggy about #LoveIsland 😂 the lie detector was probably twisted for viewers enjoyment – reality TV not documentary #getagrip,’ and: ‘You have to laugh off the lie detector results because it’s not 100% correct. It just shows how they are all game players! @LoveIsland [sic].’

Now last year’s contestants have chipped in, with Cara de la Hoyde writing on her account: ‘It’s not real but they convince you it is major head f*** 😩👀.’

She then continued: ‘Its a fabricated test to provide entertainment 😩 last year @ab_bowen07 machine fell off half way through and I had to stick it back on him 😂 [sic].’

Kady McDermott added: ‘Oh the day where the producers chose who fail and pass, I loved that day last year, not! #biased.

‘It’s a load of crap basically lol 😂 [sic].’

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Meanwhile, Olivia Buckland said: ‘Guys guys guys haha. The actual lie detector system is LEGIT but the islanders will just all be s***ting their panties & it’s nerve rackin!

‘Because it measures breathing, pulse, sweat. If you have anxiety or are nervous or agitated it will suggest a lie, but may not be one [sic].’

But 2015 contestant Jon Clark has a slightly different opinion, Tweeting: ‘Lol it is the same one they use on @itvjeremykyle 😩 [sic].’

Hmmm. Fans have made some interesting points, with one stating: ‘No lie detector is real, including Jeremy Kyle, heck that’s why it’s not admissible in court lol.’

Another said: ‘People taking a lie detector as law 😂 . It measures heart rate which constantly changes- not used in court for this reason! #LoveIsland [sic].’

We think it’s safe to say we should take the results with a pinch of salt, eh?