Love Island’s Liana Hits Back At *Those* Nasty Comments

Liana has been having a pretty tough time of it on Love Island so far.

As one of the latest girls to rock up to the villa, she’s been confonted by some seriously loved-up couples. And what’s more, she’s been getting a bit of stick from the lads.

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Yup, the island newbie has been judged very harshly since making her debut, and it all seems to stem from her occupation as a stripper. Sorry, it is not 2016?

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After Zara’s emotional exit, Adam found himself single and ready to mingle. Natch, this lead to a little gossip with some of the lads about who he might like to get to know. And, of course, Tina and Liana found themselves firmly on his radar.

Well, they are the only single gals in the villa. Makes sense.

But, in a blow for womankind everywhere, Tel’s conversation with Adam was filled with double standards and degrading comments.


As well as agreeing that he’d pick Tina if he was after a lady he could ‘take home to mum’, and go to Liana for a ‘f***’, the conversation also touched on the idea that he might, err, make his move on Liana, and then pick Tina anyway.


It wasn’t long before the powers that be decided it was time to shake things up in the villa, making a challenge out of exposing ‘muggy’ comments the islanders had said about one another.


And you can probably guess how that went down.

After finding out the sorts of things Ad’ had been saying about her, she launched into a (very justified) rant at him, saying, ‘How dare you say that comment when you didn’t even know me. What because I’m a stripper and you can say I’m going to chuck her and then have the posh girl?

‘Lads banter? How’s that lads banter? You say you’re a gentleman, how is that gentlemanly? It makes you look like a d***.’


Adam apologised, telling his fellow islander, ‘It was a silly comment to make and I apologise sincerely.’

But it seems that the damage had already been done, with Liana hitting back, ‘You don’t look very sincere’, before saying how ‘offended’ she was.

She finished: ‘How many guys say that over girls and it’s such old thinking. It’s not lad banter, you said it because a blonde stripper walked in with big t***. “I’m going to f*** her and chuck her”‘.

Social media was quick to praise her, with comments including: ‘props to Liana on shouting at Adam though’ and ‘It’s so bad that Adam has just assumed Liana will shag him just cause she’s a stripper n worse he’s claiming its “Lad banter” #LoveIsland’ [sic].

Doing it for the girls, Li.

Now we just hope that a lovely lad comes in for you…