Did We Totally Miss This Love Island Pair Hooking Up?!

Hang on. Did we totally miss this gossip from the Love Island wrap party?

We know that the Islanders enjoyed a wild one in London as they came face-to-face since leaving the villa for the first time. But we did not know that these two former Islanders may have hooked up afterwards…

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liana and adam j love island Liana and Adam J on the night of the wrap party…


According to The Sun, Liana Isadora Van Riel may have spent the night with Adam Jukes.

Apparently, Adam shared an explicit photo with his friends, which showed a mystery blonde from the back in bed, and it’s said to be Liana – however, this is totally not confirmed, and she hasn’t commented on the reports.

liana adam j love island Liana and Adam J were spotted looking close on the night of the wrap party


Liana did post a snap of her kissing Adam J on the cheek a few nights after the wrap party, but still, that doesn’t mean anything. Also, we’re seriously disgusted with Adam if he really did share that photo. Not cool.

Whilst Liana hasn’t responded to the rumours, she has hit out at another rumour circulating about her and Rykard Jenkins.

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love island dam maxted adam jukes Liana was coupled up with Adam Maxted in the villa…


It was reported that something was going on between Liana and Rykard (who is fellow former Islander dating Rachel Fenton) after Ry shared a series of Snapchats of Liana in her underwear.

However, Liana wasn’t having any of it, and took to Twitter to have her say.

liana rykard love island Liana hit back at rumours about her and Rykard…


‘Omg the way the press twist stuff to make it look juicy my days, don’t even bother reading the article anymore’, she posted.

‘Ryk came into my hotel room when me and my mate were chilling with pizza. I happened to be in my underwear. Nothing happened jheeeeez. And if anyone watched his story at the time it was about 10 minutes long and had everyone in it.’

You tell ’em, lady,

liana love island rykard Liana was seen on Rykard’s Snapchat, which sparked rumurs