Love Island Newbies Katie and Adam J Pick Their Dates

The second season of ITV’s Love Island has already delivered shocks, thrills and LOLs. And, by the looks of this evening’s episode, the new arrivals are only going to add to the drama.

Island newbies Katie and Adam J (not to be confused with metaphor-loving wrestler Adam) get their first big text task in tonight’s brilliant episode. They are told to choose three Islanders to have three dates with throughout the day.

IITV gave us a sneak peek of the date-heavy episode where we see cocky Adam J on an afternoon date with Olivia while her other half Alex enjoys the same with glamour model Katie. It’s safe to say the two dates have a very different vibe.

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> Who can resist that cheeky smile, eh?


Adam J wastes no time telling Olivia he’s keen on her and isn’t at all fazed when the 22-year-old blonde tells him she is actually really happy with Alex and that they’re a very strong couple. Not bothered, Adam even goes as far as to tell Liv that he “could pull her” and warns that nobody knows what could happen in the future.

Too true, especially when at the very same moment 24-year-old Alex is flirting up a storm with Katie on the other side of the garden! The brummie ultra-lad can’t resist chatting up the brunette and the pair both end up admitting they feel lots of sexual tension. Does this mean poor Liv is going to get pied AGAIN? We hope not but Alex is far too big a fan of female attention.

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> Sophie says yes to a date with Katie


Cut to a few hours later and Katie gets a text telling her to pick her final date of the day – a sexy dinner date. After about 10 seconds of giggling she turns to Sophie and asks her out. Sophie immediately says she “would love to!” Howay, man!

Who knows how her ex Tom, who was recently dumped from the Island, will take the news. He hasn’t been too impressed with the Geordie babe’s behaviour since he left, tweeting his anger about Sophie wanting to “bang” a bird so soon after he departed.

> Katie and Sophie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G


Sorry Tom, but we’re pretty interested in how this new Sophie/Katie situation is going to pan out. They’re already sharing a bed…