Which Love Island Lady Says Life After The Villa Has Been Hard?

Katie Salmon opens up about being body shamed, and how tough she's found it since leaving Love Island...

Katie Salmon hasn’t had the easiest week, with her Instagram account being hacked just a few days ago, and the gorgeous lady being forced to create a new one.

And now, the Love Island star has admitted something pretty heartbreaking – that life after the villa hasn’t quite been the fun ride she thought it’d be.

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The Liverpool lady has opened up about being body shamed since becoming famous, and how it’d led her to some very ‘dark’ places.

‘I thought being thrown into the limelight would be amazing and it has been, but no one can prepare you for the amount of trolling you get,’ Katie told The Sun.

love island katie salmon

Katie says she’s been trolled for her looks

‘It took me a long time to realise that I am not fat, I’m a size 8, but when you’re always getting criticised about the way you look you start to believe it.’

Body shaming is never okay, but how anyone can criticise Katie’s gorgeous figure is beyond us. It’s a horrible thing for anyone to go through.

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katie love island

Katie has an ah-mazing figure – we’d take those legs any day!

‘I went through a very dark stage of not liking myself or the way my body was’, she added.

We totally feel for Katie, but luckily, she’s got a huge fanbase behind her, who waste no time in telling her how gorgeous she is.

‘Forget wcw, she’s my woman crush everyday ????’, one fan tweeted about Salmon.

‘How can someone be that fit ? my god’, another wrote under one of her recent outfit shots.

So rest assured, lady, you are BEAUTIFUL.