Love Island’s Kady McDermott Just Started A *Huge* Online Feud

Kady McDermott has *quite* a few things to say to the haters...

Ya’know, we’re starting to think there might *just* be a reason as to why Love Island’s Scott calls Kady McDermott a ‘Pocket Rocket’- and it has absolutely everything to do with her being one hell of a feisty ‘gal.

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And why are we telling you this?

Well, fellow Islander Zara Holland has just appeared on Loose Women with the current Miss GB, Deone Robertson– who was originally runner up, but replaced Zara after she was stripped of her title because of that heated hideaway night with Alex Bowen.

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The former Miss GB’s appearance on the show alongside her replacement was, as expected, anything but placid- something you can read about here. However, it’s Kady’s reaction to the segment that has really got fans talking…

After taking to Twitter to share her support of Zara in what was probably a very hard appearance to make, Kady wrote: ‘My little polly pocket you held yourself so well on loose women you should be so proud of yourself because I am! @zaraholland11 love you’.

And whilst her appearance was *massively* supported by fellow Zara fans, with replies reading messages such as ‘didn’t think they would humiliate her like that on tv, absolutely disgusting good on you Zara!!’ and ‘they where awful to her, like she had been thrown to the lion’s den, shocked. Much love‘- one user was less than impressed…

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Yup, one reply to the tweet read ‘proud of herself!?! How about she takes responsibility for her actions’a message that pocket rocket Kady was having absolutely *none* of.

Quoting the reply, Kady simply wrote ‘She is so f**k off’. Short, sweet and to the darn point- standard McDermott right there…

Kady Tweet

Zara has since replied to Kady’s original tweet with a message of thanks for her pal- sharing, ‘Thanks baby girl, love ya’.

The former Miss GB has also shared her own thoughts on her Loose Women experience, writing: ‘No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes! You live and you learn. Thank you for all your amazing comments and support, means everything’.

Love it or hate it, only Miss McDermott could shut down a hater in just five simple words. ‘Atta girl.

Alice Perry