Love Island’s Kady And Scott Continue To Confuse Fans

Scott Thomas celebrated his birthday on Friday, but fans noticed that Kady was missing. And she's spoken out...

Love Island‘s Kady McDermott sparked some heavy speculation about her relationship with Scott Thomas when she posted a pretty cryptic tweet last week.

After sharing a message about a ‘new chapter’ on Twitter, reports emerged that claimed the 21-year-old had deleted photos of her boyfriend from Instagram – despite the fact that we could spy a few that had lasted.

Scott and Kady met during the 2016 series of Love Island, and have been going strong ever since…

It didn’t take too long for fans to question whether or not the pair had called time on their romance.

Whilst the speculation raged on social media, Kady took a guest on BBC Breakfast to talk about body positivity and to debate the effects of Instagram on young girls.

Although the question of her relationship with Scott didn’t come up, she did seem to drop a hint about it whilst on air – mentioning her holidays with her boyfriend. Yup. Boyfriend.

Many took this as a sign that all was well. But then confusion hit once again when fans realised it was actually Scott’s birthday, and Kady hadn’t posted anything about it.

What’s more, the Love Island alum seemed to be spending the night at home with a pizza (and her dog) rather than celebrating with her man.

One fan asked on Twitter: ‘But it’s Scott’s birthday, why aren’t you with him?’

And it seemed as though Kady noticed the comments, as she took to Snapchat to offer some insight into the ‘situation’.

‘Regardless of my situation with Scott, I did wish him a happy birthday,’ she reportedly told the camera.

‘Just because I haven’t tweeted it or put in on Instagram, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Remember guys, things do happen in real life not just social media. I have definitely said happy birthday to him, so you can all sleep at night. Ok guys? Rant over.’

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She continued: ‘I got two cakes made, one for Adam [Scott’s twin] and one for Scott as you guys are all so concerned.

‘Also got him some Yeezys, a card and a memory box and something else, so you can all relax now.’

Opening up about the attention that her private life receives, Kady added: ‘I love the fact that you guys care, whether you care or you guys are nosy, whatever it is, I understand that being in this industry the downfall is that you don’t have any private life.

‘But if I’m not Snapchatting or Instagramming please respect that I might want something to be private. I just feel like I have to explain myself about everything and I’m just not in the mood at the moment, so please respect that.’

We’re hoping that everything is okay.