Love Island’s Kady On Dealing With Scott’s Brother, Adam

After warning Scott off Kady during Love Island, Kady reveals how she's dealt with his twin, Adam, since leaving the villa...

It was one of the moments in the Love Island villa when we really felt for Kady McDermott – when his twin brother Adam warned him to steer clear of her.

Let’s recap – Scott was granted a video chat with his twin, who told him he should ‘tread carefully’. ‘I think she’s trying to manipulate you’, Adam said.

‘From the outside looking in, you need to man up. Tell her to jog on. On the outside, she’s playing games and treating you like a mug.’ Eeek!

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Bday drinks with the happy twin ????????? Love you @adamthomas21 ❤️

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At the time, it really rocked Kady (understandably) – so now the couple are out of the villa and going strong, how has she dealt with Scotty’s sibling?!

Well, Kady has revealed that she’s firmly ‘pulled him up on it’. YEEEASSS, girl.

Speaking to Reveal, Kady said: ‘I pulled him up on that’, with Scott then adding: ‘He sh*t himself!’

Treated to pre bday drinks and food at @australasia_mcr by this one @kadymcdermott ????????

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However, it seems that Kady isn’t holding a grudge, and instead says she respected Adam for his brotherly advice at the time – even if she didn’t agree with it.

‘I get it because it was his twin’, she said. ‘If he didn’t have his back, I would have been like, “What the hell?”‘

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‘He’s had a change of heart’, she added. Well, we’re not surprised – since leaving the Island, Scott and Kady have barely spent a second apart, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

And at least she’s won the rest of Scotty’s family over – Scott went on to reveal that she’s getting on famously with his mum.

#WCW goes to these two special ladies! Finally got to take Kady round to my mums for tea! Good times ? @kadymcdermott

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‘My mum feels like she already knows Kady through the show’, he said. ‘Even with her mum, she talks to me on the phone dead casual.’

Aw. And it’s just as well, too, as last night was Scotty’s big birthday celebrations with his ENTIRE family, brothers included, plus Kady. And we have to say, it looked like they were all getting on famously…

Nice one, guys.