Love Island’s Kady McDermott Has A Dramatic Night On Twitter

The Love Island star fell victim to a hacker, who was sending out some *very* questionable photos from Kady's account...

Love Island‘s Kady McDermott had one traumatic evening on Twitter yesterday.

Being famous can lead to lots of good things – free drinks on nights out, free clothes aplenty, First Class upgrades on long-haul flights – but it can also make you a target.

And no one understood this more than poor Kady, when her Twitter account was hacked last night.

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The 20-year-old realised to her horror that some, erm, pretty saucy pics were suddenly being posted all over her account.

Oh, and her name was mysteriously changed do ‘Heidy Jordan’. Yep, we’d say that’s a hacking right there.

Not wanting any of her fans to be confused, Kady quickly alerted her following to the fact that no, this wasn’t her posting peachy photos of ‘her bum’ online.

‘My Twitter has been hacked!!!!’, she cried.

‘Any computer whizz kids help me I’ve been hacked!!!?’, she followed up with.

Luckily, the Love Island star seemed to sort it out within minutes, and no real damage was done. However, Kady decided to get her own back…

Clearly perturbed by the drama she was put through, the brunette beauty decided to take her revenge – not on the troll, however, but on boyfriend Scott Thomas.


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Hacking into her man’s account on the sly, Kady wrote from Scotty’s account: ‘I LOVE @kadymcdermottx SO MUCH I JUST CANT HOLD IT IN!’

But whilst some fans were basking in the cuteness of ‘Scott’s’ declaration of love, others saw through Kady right away: ‘Kady get off Scotts Twitter????’, one savvy user commented underneath.

And of course, Scott soon returned to have his say on his own hacking of the night.

‘That was @kadymcdermottx on my twitter the absolute ? ????’, he tweeted.

It’s Kady’s 21st birthday today, and she’s planning a huge Love Island reunion at Chelsea nightclub JuJu’s – so expect plenty more drama (of the Love Island kind) coming up…

Happy Birthday, lady!