Love Island’s Kady McDermott Gives Boyfriend Scott Thomas A Makeover

Love Island's Kady decided to overhaul her man Scott's wardrobe - and we have to say, the results were pretty impressive...

You’ve got to have some serious trust in your other half to let them makeover your wardrobe,

Luckily for Love Island’s Scott Thomas, his other half is fellow reality star and fashion favourite, Kady McDermott, so he’s in pretty good hands.

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Me and @scottyspecial on our way to London to film for a TV show, any guesses? Outfit @misspap ✌?️

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Since leaving the ITV2 show, the couple have been busy keeping us all up to date with their ‘Life On The Outside’ vlog, and this week it was time for fiery Kady to take the reigns on Scott’s fashion.

And she did not hold back…

Make-up artist Kady told the camera: “Since coming off the island, I’ve been spending more time at Scott’s place and I’ve noticed just how badly he dresses.

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Kady gave Scott’s wardrobe a makeover on YouTube last night…

“I mean, horrendous. He has these jumpers that look like Christmas jumpers.”

So the 21-year-old got to work trawling through Scott’s stuff, pulling out one particular lime green number, she said: “I don’t care if that cost £9, £90, or £9,000, that’s offensive to my eyes.”


Despite taking most of his girlfriend’s style tips on board, doting boyfriend Scott did manage to hold on to one pair of his favourite trainers, before taking the rest off to the charity shop so Kady could work her fashion magic.

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Scott seemed pretty pleased with his new kicks…

He admitted: “Kady doesn’t beat around the bush. When I was in the villa, she told me I dress like crap. Now she’s finally had a chance to get her hands on my wardrobe and she’s ripped it apart!”

Poor Scott.

But seems like the tough love approach really does work because we were seriously impressed with what stylish Kady came back with.

Treating him to an early birthday present, Kady revealed she bought an amazing pair of white Giuseppe trainers, a sleek leather jacket and some ripped back jeans.

She also ditched the lime green knit in favour of a khaki t-shirt, telling Scott: “This is just a plain, no Christmas jumpers or any patterns, literally just a plain tee.”

And we’re not the only ones who think Kady’s got pretty great taste and Scott is clearly happy with his new outfit, he said: “To be fair, I knew Kady would smash this for me. I’m like a fine wine, I get better with age so I reckon my dress sense will keep getting better. I’m buzzing.”

The loved-up couple have been inseparable since coming in third on Love Island, and we’re excited to see what they get up to next. Maybe a new line of Christmas jumpers?

By Naomi Bartram