Love Island’s Kady Mcdermott Has A Rare Make-Up Fail (And It’s Scott’s Fault)

THIS is what happens when you let your boyfriend do your make-up....

What would actually happen if you let your boyfriend attempt to do your make-up? Well, that’s exactly what Love Island’s Kady McDermott found out when she let her man Scott Thomas loose on her gorgeous little face.

The whole thing was filmed for their latest YouTube vlog, and trust us, it makes for HILARIOUS viewing.

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Because the results? Well, they were pretty damn terrible TBH.

Firstly, Scott had to decipher which product did what. And he didn’t get off to the best start when he mistook a bright white primer for Kady’s foundation… LOL.


‘So you want me to have a white face?!’ Kady cried in panic just as Scott was planning to slap it on her skin.

Thankfully, he found the correct product for her base – Kady’s favourite Armani Luminious Silk foundation – and actually did a pretty good job applying it.

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However, it went downhill from there, as he then drew on her brows like he was in a kids’ colouring class, leaving Kady with a less-than-flattering semi-monobrow. Oh, and then he got mascara all over her nose.

Next up – lips. ‘I always say I like Kady when she’s got less make-up on’, Scott tells the camera, before lacquering her lips in thick coats of pinky nude gloss.


And then came the eyeliner… Probably Scott’s worst skill, the Love Island star proceeded to draw black kohl under Kady’s eyes to create a Halloween-esque look, with Kady’s eyeliner streaming down her face.



Seemingly happy with his work, Scott then handed his lady the mirror for her to inspect. ‘I think that’s me done’, he said.

‘Do you know what, it’s just the eyes. I’ve messed up the eyes. She’s got panda eyes and looks like she’s been crying.’


And Kady’s reaction? ‘Oh my God. Scott! That looks ridiculous! I’m so ugly!’ she cried.

LOL. Oh, you GUYS!