Love Island’s Kady And Scott: What’s Happening Now?

Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas became one of our absolute favourite couples from the Love Island villa by the end of the series.

We watched them argue, kiss and make up more times than we could count, but in the end, their love for each other was undeniably clear. But of course, eveeryone wants to know, how are the couple getting on on the outside world?

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> Scott has been tweeting Kady’s sister since leaving the villa…

Well, Scott revealed that there was yet more drama at the Love Island wrap party, by sharing a shot of a worse-for-wear looking Kady on the floor by the toilet and writing: ‘And that ladies and gentleman is why I love this girl!’

‘First night of freedom went so well Don’t worry I’m looking after @kadymcdermott and I will continue to do so for a long time to come.’

> Naughty Scott shared this snap of Kady looking a little worse for wear…

But Kady has since hit back, responding to claims that she had ‘passed out’ by tweeting crossly: ‘Yes I did over do it on the tequila but I didn’t pass out’. Eep! Scott, she doesn’t sound too happy about that picture…

Still, toilet snaps aside, these two have been making us melt with their super cute posts about each other since leaving the villla.

‘Such a weird feeling asking @kadymcdermottx for her number for the first time Seriously missed the little things! Very happy man’, Scott tweeted. Naww.

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> Kady and Scott have seemed seriously smitten since leaving the villa…

Kady then replied with: ‘Boyfriend and girlfriend before we even had each other’s numbers.’ Teehee.

Kady also complimented Scott’s latest selfie by writing: ‘Oh hi boyfriend’. Guys, you’re TOO MUCH.

> Kady shared this cute selfie of her and Scott saying she ‘loved’ him

Scotty has also been bonding with Kady’s family, tweeting to her sister Kerry: ‘Can’t wait to get back and spend some time with you guys’.

Oh, and Kady’s said she loves him. Yep, LOVE. Sharing a selfie of her and Scott cosying up together, Kady wrote: ‘Wuv woo my ScottĀ  #SCADY.’


> Scott also shared this cute throwback to his Love Island boys