Love Island’s Jonny And Camilla Get Closer After The Recoupling

Tonight's episode looks very intriguing...

Tonight’s episode of Love Island looks like it’s full of make-ups, break-ups and shake-ups.

While Olivia is caught in a love triangle with Chris and Mike, Montana is scared to progress with new partner Sam.

But there could be a reconciliation on the cards between fan favourites Jonny and Camilla. Ooh.

‘Jamilla’ were previously coupled up, but things ended awkwardly after a row over feminism.

However, at last night’s recoupling, Jonny showed his loyalty to Camilla and chose to stay with her instead of coupling up with Tyne-Lexy.

Tonight, we’ll see Cam’ waste no time in thanking Jonny for securing her place in the villa. And Jonny seems more than happy, insisting: ‘You don’t have to thank me for it. It was my choice, I stand by my decision.’

He continues: ‘You’re still a massive part of my journey in this place and I’m seeing you completely smash it and I was never going to be the one to end your journey.

‘You’ve got to put up with my snoring for another week.’

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Yay! Could this be the start of their romance blossoming again?

Cam’ also tries to smooth over their previous differences: ‘I just want you to know that the way I react, it’s not to do with the way you are behaving or how someone else is feeling, it’s the way that I am as a person now.

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‘I know that means sometimes I come off as quite difficult or standoffish, but it’s far more a reflection on myself than it is on anyone else. So I am sorry if I do come off that way.’

Jonny responds: ‘Don’t apologise, you are who you are, I am who I am. Not everyone is going to see eye to eye on everything, that’s the thing.’

Later on in the beach hut, the pair can’t contain their smiles, and it’s nice to see.

‘I am pleased to still be here and I do want to continue trying to become a better version of myself which is what I think is happening, so I’m very grateful to Jonny,’ Camilla says.

Jonny teases: ‘We’re even now.’

Hopefully these two can work through their differences and get back to being the Island’s cutest couple.

By Emily Jefferies