Jessica Shears and Dom Lever Face Cruel Trolling After Engagement Announcement

Poor Jess and Dom have had to face a big backlash...

If you haven’t heard heard about the HUGE Love Island news, where have you been!?

Jessica Shears and Dom Lever are engaged, people!

And while many have been keen to send their love and congratulations to the couple, unfortunately they have faced a serious backlash from a lot of followers…

Jess took to Twitter to break the news: ‘So the news is finally out, thank you to our friends and family for keeping it a secret for the past few weeks,’ she began.

‘@_DomLever may drive me crazy at times but he makes me the happiest girl in the world, I feel so lucky to have him in my life,’ she continued.

And it looked like Jess was aware of the response she would get from a lot of fans, as she added: ‘People will say what they want about us but all that matters is that we are happy’

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And sadly, she was right…

‘Guess you’ve not been earning enough from all those teeth whiting and clay mask ads 🤣,’ one follower commented on Jess’ Instagram post confirming the big news.

Another agreed, writing: ‘When you’re trying to cling onto the last bit of fame you got left 😂’

One Twitter user replied to Jess’ tweets slamming the couple: ‘This is beyond cringe, knowing you two you’ll have a baby now just to overshadow Chris & Cash because you’re that desperate for attention’ as did another: ‘Keeping it a secret the past few weeks when did they get engaged exactly?! After party?’

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Dom has also come under fire from his fans, who have criticised the relationship, commenting: ‘come nowhere in the show.. & now trying to steal the limelight #mediacoverage [sic]’ and ‘When you run out of money from selling charcoal teeth whitening kits, protein shakes and face masks and Can’t be f**ked getting a real job. You’ll sell your divorce story in 6 months to the newspapers and go your separate ways. F**king shambles [sic]’

Well, WE are extremely happy for Jess and Dom on their big news… Congrats, guys!