Love Island’s Jessica Hayes Looks Very Different These Days

Since winning the show in 2015, the reality star has opened up about regretting her cosmetic work...

One mention of Love Island and your mind will probably conjure images of Malin and Terry, Sophie’s epic rows with Tom, and – of course – Scott’s popping of the ‘girlfriend’ question (through the medium of beach towels) to Kady.

It was definitely a summer to remember for fans of the ITV2 show.

But let’s not forget that there was a series before 2016’s drama fest. And, whether you binge-watched it online or watched it the first time around, it was definitely just as memorable.

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Jessica was one of the stand-out stars from 2015’s Love Island

After a difficult start to the series (yup, she was basically pied by everyone she fancied) Jessica Hayes went on to capture the hearts of viewers and take the Love Island crown.

The 23-year-old coupled up with Max Morley, and she came out on top after being the underdog throughout most of the series.

A lot has changed for the model since the 2015 dating show.

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A lot has changed for Jessica since appearing on the ITV show…

Now, she’s opened up about her regrets – and it’s got a lot to do with her transformation.

Speaking to OK! Online, Jess confessed that, these days, she doesn’t even recognise herself in pictures.

She told the publication, ‘I wouldn’t say I’ve overdone it on the work but I do regret some of it.

‘It’s a shame because you know what, before I went on the show I didn’t have a scrap of work done, nothing, and I was quite happy, like the girl next door.’

She went on, ‘But we all do it. It’s the little things like, ‘Oh I don’t like my nose or I don’t like the shape of my face.’

‘It gets to the point where you’re picking every little thing about yourself. It’s like a game.’

Jess then admitted that she’s not entirely happy with the results: ‘Sometimes I look at myself and I think, ‘God do I look plastic? Do I look like I’ve had too much filler in my lips? Too much here and there?’

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‘I am debating having my lip fillers dissolved. My top lip is too big and where I’ve gone to so many different people over the years, getting a bit here there and everywhere, I’m not happy with it.’

This makes us feel really sad.

Jess also took the opportunity to warn young girls against cosmetic work, adding: ‘In the public eye you feel like you need to be perfect and the reality is you should love yourself for the way you are.’

We couldn’t agree more.