Love Island’s Jess Admits She Wants To Go Back In The Villa To Cause Drama

Jess has opened up about her desire to head back on the show...

Love Island viewers across the UK were shocked last night when half of the villa’s ‘power couple’ was kicked off the show.

Yup. Jess Shears and Dom Lever have been separated.

And now, after leaving the villa, the brunette model has opened up about her romance, and whether or not she thinks they can last now that she’s back in the real world…

‘I would live to see Dom enjoy Summer and last the whole time,’ she revealed.

‘This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. I want him to have an amazing Summer and wouldn’t want his experience shortened by me leaving.

‘Obviously I hope we still have a connection when he leaves but I said to him and Liv ‘don’t let me see you too soon.’’

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Despite seeming content to leave Dom in the villa, Jess admitted she would love to go back on the show to stir up some trouble: ‘100% – I had dreams about it all last night, about going back in to create some drama!’

If you’re reading this, Love Island producers: PLEASE make this happen!

‘Hopefully I have found something amazing and got what I wanted to from the experience, but I think it’s the most amazing show and everyone who is even thinking about it should just go for it,’ Jess said.

But Jess did admit that she would change some things about her experience, admitting that she regrets ‘the odd throwaway comment’ she made.

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Loyal to her Love Island man, Jess insisted she just wanted what was best for Dom: ‘He tried to promise me he would stay committed but honestly I adore the boy and want him to have an amazing Summer with or without me.

‘If he finds someone else who is amazing, so be it, I just hope that she is lovely and treats him right.’


Watch how Dom coped after Jess left the villa by tuning in to Love Island tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

By Emily Jefferies