Love Island Fans Are Cynical About The Dumping On Last Night’s Show

Viewers couldn't help but question the way that Dom reacted to the news about Jess...

Er, did you watch last night’s Love Island?!


If you’re planning on saving it for catch-up, shield your eyes now because we’re about to come at you with spoilers.

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Wednesday night’s episode brought all of the dramz, with Caroline Flack entering the villa during the islander’s party (harsh) to deliver the public’s vote – and a double dumping.

After discovering the bottom three couples with the least votes (Chloe and Chris, Olivia and Mike, and Jess and Dom), Flackers divided them into boys and girls.

This is when things turned awkward.

Flack revealed to the remaining islanders that it was their job to send someone home. The boys (Kem, Marcel, Dom and Jonny) had to select a girl to leave, and the girls (Montana, Gabby, Camilla and Amber) the same with the lads.

After little deliberation, Montana announced that they had loyalties to the guys that had been there the longest, sending newbie Mike home.

Then it all got pretty intense, with Kem being adamant that he wouldn’t allow close friend Olivia to go home, and Sam and Marcel voicing support for Chloe. Obvs, that just left Jess – but surely they wouldn’t send home Dom’s lady?!

Oh yes, yes they did.

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Caroline told Jess and Mike that they needed to pack their things and leave. There were A LOT of tears, and Jess told her man that she was his and would be waiting for him on the outside.

Hold up, though. Haven’t we heard this somewhere before?

Viewers took to Twitter to draw comparisons to Malin and Terry from last year.

In fact, Malin noticed all of the chat that was going in and waded into the comments.

Replying to Tom Powell, who was asking whether Jess and Dom were the new Ma’ and Tel, she wrote, simply, ‘No…’

A few others couldn’t help but point out that Dom decided to stay in the villa.

Considering it’s a dating show, and he would need to couple-up in order to stay in the game, some fans were sceptical about his feelings for Jess.

One thing’s for sure, Dom did looked pretty heartbroken.

And it sure seems as though they want to stay true to each other…

Of course, it’s Love Island, so we know that twists and turns are part and parcel of the experience.

And with the arrival of two new islanders – including one beaut brunette – we’ll be tuning in to see what’s going to happen next.

See you at 9pm.