Love Island’s Jess And Dom’s Night In The Hideaway Sparked A Big Reaction

The Love Island couple appeared to get a little closer on Jess's birthday...

Love Island‘s Jessica Shears and Dominic Lever seem to have taken their relationship to the next level.

Yup. Following on from the, well, dramatic night that was supposed to be a celebration of Jess’s 24th birthday, the couple were treated to a night in the hideaway. And we all know what usually happens between those sheets.


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The model, who has always maintained that she would never do the deed in the ITV2 villa, seemed excited at the prospect of having some one-on-one time with her fella, but did emphasise (probably a little jokily) that she didn’t believe in sex before marriage.

Having confessed to some of the girls that she was ‘falling’ for 26-year-old Dom earlier that day, a night in the hideaway was always going to bring temptations.

And, if the scenes that aired are anything to go by, it does appear that things happened.

Viewers of the show, of course, took to Twitter to react to the moment. Tweets included: ‘Yes Jess and Dom in the hideaway #loveisland’, ‘Aweeeee I love Dom and Jess 😍❤️ #Loveisland’ and ‘Well jess got a nice birthday present tonight…’

However, others couldn’t help but point out the fact that Jess had previously stated that she wouldn’t go all the way on the show.

One tweet read: ‘How’s jess gonna say no sex before marriage but ☕️ 🐸 #Loveisland’.

Jess Love Island

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Before heading into the Love Island villa, Jess told us: ‘I’m not going to have sex on the show. I know everyone says it, but I’ve fully said that if a guy likes me enough then he can wait.’

She continued, ‘If anything, sex just complicates things…

‘Like, if I know that they genuinely like me as me and they’re not just enjoying everything else they’re getting, then I feel like it might have some longevity.’

When asked whether or not she’d be able to stick it out for the entirety of the show without going all the way, she said: ‘I’ve been like a year before without it, so I am fine! Six, seven weeks will fly by – for me at least!’


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She made one other thing very clear: ‘I’m not looking for a fling.’

So, has she now found the real deal with Dom? Well, in the most recent episode of Love Island she told the girls:  ‘I literally adore Dom… I’m proper falling. I’ve never had a boy tick all the boxes like he does.’

Aww. We’re happy for you, Jess.