Love Island’s Dom Clears Up Engagement Rumours On This Morning

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby put Dom on the spot during This Morning today...

Love Island‘s Jessica Shears and Dominic Lever have certainly got tongues wagging since reuniting.

Having been torn apart by a vote that sent Jess home, Dom decided to stick around in the Majorca villa until a time that he would be sent back to the UK to reunite with his lady – staying loyal along the way.

And, thanks to a dramatic re-coupling which saw Montana opting to pursue a romance with new boy Alex, that time came about a week ago.

Worth the wait ❤️

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Their reunion played out for viewers on Sunday’s ITV2 spin-off show, Love Island: After Sun, with Carolina Flack. Many found it a little awkward to witness Dom looking pretty, well, peeved after being shown a clip of Jess and Mike Thalassitis’s first date in the villa.

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Despite the slight hiccup, which followed weeks of rumours surrounding the nature of Jess and Mike’s friendship, self-named ‘power couple’ Jess and Dom seemed excited to share the news that they would be moving in together.

But that wasn’t all. After leaving the studio, Jess was pictured with a ring on that finger, leaving some wondering whether they might have something else to share with their fans…

Having been put on the spot during Monday’s episode of This Morning, Dom clarified that they are not engaged.

‘She actually had that ring on in the villa,’ the 26-year-old explained.

‘She wears that ring all the time.’

Phillip Schofield couldn’t help but make a slightly awkward joke, saying: ‘Just tell me it wasn’t Mike that gave it to her!’

Dom replied: ‘Nah, I’d have something to say about that!’

Oh dear.

It seems as though marriage might be somewhere in Jess and Dom’s future, though, as he went on to say: ‘Obviously I feel like we’re great.’

When Holly Willoughby asked if they’d discussed getting married, he also said: ‘Being in the villa there’s only so much you can accomplish and I feel like we did it all – other than being official.

‘So now we’ve come out, obviously now we are official and see where it goes. We speak about everything in the villa.

‘We’ve not spoken about it now we’ve come out but that is the natural step – not right now – but in time. She’s all ready to go.’

Ooh. We do love a Love Island proposal…