There Were Some Issues With Love Island: Heading Home

We bid a final farewell to Love Island last night, as spin-off show Love Island: Heading Home hit our screens.

The programme showed how some of our favourite Islanders are adjusting to life post-villa. And while we enjoyed catching up with everyone, it kinda made us miss them even more. *Sob*.

Of course, plenty of viewers were loving seeing how Malin, Cara, Tom et al were getting on.



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One Tweeted: ‘Feel so emotional watching Love Island – Heading Home, aww can’t wait for the next one already [sic].’

But unfortunately, some fans noticed a few awkward mistakes throughout the episode. Eep.



First up, narrator Iain Stirling announced that Terry Walsh was enjoying some time with his ex Malin Andersson – except it wasn’t Malin. It was his current lady Emma-Jane Woodham.

Tweets included: ‘There’s been so many mistakes in this love island episode, he just called emma malin,’ and: ‘Did anyone else notice the commentator calling Emma, Malin when she was sitting in the booth with Terry…awkward #loveisland.’

Then, Cara de la Hoyde’s friends were mistaken for mates of Olivia Buckland. Oo-er.



One eagle-eyed viewer noted: ‘Did anyone else noticed that they’d put ‘Olivia’s friends’ instead of ‘Cara’s friends’ or is that just my FBI skills?? #loveisland.’

Another wrote: ‘They messed that up didnt they…calling cara’s friends, olivia’s #loveisland #headinghome.’

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After hearing about the criticism, Iain hit back on his page: ‘Love the amount of folk correcting me for one name mistake. 50 eps, 20+ islanders, cut a boy some slack eh!’

We’ve gotta agree here, people. Iain has done an incredible (and hilarious) job over the past few weeks.

However, it wasn’t only the name errors that got people riled up. According to some, Heading Home just wasn’t as real as Li itself. Hmm.



As one said: ‘This Love Island heading home programme seems so fake and scripted it’s annoying me #LoveIsland.’

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