So It Looks Like The Gender Pay Gap Extends To The Love Island Stars

Love Island's Olivia Attwood has opened up about the differing opportunities after the show...

Olivia Attwood, of 2017 Love Island fame, has spoken out about the unequal opportunities between the contestants since leaving the ITV2 show.

And yup, you’ve guessed it, we’re right back onto the gender topic. Sigh.

Speaking to MP Anna Soubry, Olivia explained that she discovered that she’d been offered ‘substantially’ less pay for the very same jobs, when compared to fellow male contestants.

What’s more, as the BBC reports, she told the Victoria Derbyshire show that this also included jobs alongside her boyfriend Chris Hughes.

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The 27-year-old said that it had only come to light after ‘doing some digging’, and that payments were immediately matched after management questioned it.

‘Straight away it was ‘please don’t tell anyone, we’ll match the money’. So the money was always there,’ Olivia claimed.

The reality star, who now has her own clothing range with InTheStyle, continued: ‘We never got an answer [to], ‘why did you feel that they should be paid more than us, for us all to come and do the exact same thing on the same day, the same outcome?”

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Apparently, Chris told Olivia that he had never experienced the same when working alongside more male contestants.

‘They would never dream of insulting four men that way, but they’ll tell the two girls and make up some ridiculous reason, but it was really because they thought they’d get away with it.

‘That was really an eye-opener and it’s made me angry,’ she said.

We hear you, Olivia.