Some Love Island Fans Aren’t Happy About The Result Of Last Night’s Dumping

Did the right couple go last night? Viewers don't think so...

Having previously been voted the most popular female islander, it seems as though Love Island‘s Montana Brown has now changed a lot of viewers’ opinions.

It all appeared to begin when Montana shared her thoughts about close friend Camilla Thurlow and fellow islander Gabby Allen.

Wednesday night’s episode saw a pretty awkward girls’ lunch that left Gab’ in tears. After airing their issues, it looked like the girls had smoothed things over and were all moving on…

But then, when a surprise dumping was announced to the islanders, Mon’ let something slip that she definitely didn’t mean for Gabby to hear…

Relaying what she, along with viewers at home, had heard Montana saying, Gabby confided in some of the other islanders: ‘Mon turned round to everyone in the kitchen and said, ‘If anyone’s going home tonight, it’s Gabby.’ I’m f***ing over it.

‘Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and she had every right to be p***ed off about the text thing.

‘But I just think at this point in the game, people may use things against you to make them look stronger.’


Many viewers seemed to think that there was some truth in Gabby’s words. In fact, a few even believed that the wrong couple, Sam and Georgia, had been dumped from the island last night.


‘No Montana and Alex should have gone. She’s only in it for the money. She’s the girl that changes when she gets a boyfriend. 🐍🐍🐍,’ said one fan.

Another tweet read: ‘😂😂😂 Karma for Montana being in the bottom 3 after she had smug smile when She heard Gabby’s name… I quite liked Georgia 😞 #LoveIsland’.

‘Montana has really disappointed me.. Looks like she couldn’t keep the nice girl act up for long, the mask has slipped!! #loveisland [sic],’ said another fan of the show.

‘What is Montana’s problem with Camilla? Isn’t it weird that the two strongest couples are the two she has a problem with!? #LoveIsland,’ tweeted another.

Others, however, defended her. Different reactions included: ‘Just me that thinks that Gabby didn’t slag montana off at all? literally she stated a fact #loveisland [sic]’ and ‘Montana is literally reiterating what everyone is tweeting so why all the fuss🙄 #loveisland’.

There’s only a few days left to go. Where do you stand on the girl dramz?

By Emily Jefferies