Viewers Want Love Island’s Sophie And Emma To Couple Up

Love Island fans seem really keen on the idea of Sophie Gradon and Emma-Jane Woodham coupling up.

Sure, Emma’s been snapped up by Terry – and who can say they didn’t see that one coming – and Sophie seems to be caught in an on-again-off-again trap with Tom Powell.

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But these two gorgeous ladies have made no secret of the fact that they feel they’ve ‘clicked’, and it was only last night that Soph’ was gushing about how ‘gorgeous’ she thinks Em’ is.

And we’d have to agree with that one.


After proving that they’re independent ladies, putting together a flatpack bed without any help from their fellas – which, of course, is easily done IRL, but totally went against the idea of the task – both Emma and Sophie enjoyed some champagne in the hot tub as a reward.

We could totally understand if these two didn’t get along, considering their ex girlfriend / current girlfriend status with Tom.

But Sophie told Emma, ‘I genuinely feel like I’ve totally clicked with you.’

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Emma agreed, ‘I’m so glad we do get on. We get on so well. I think it’s that perfect combination of personalities.’

Comments from viewers included: ‘Petition for Sophie n Emma to couple up #loveisland’ [sic] and ‘Sophie & Emma are my new favourite couple #LoveIsland’.

Now this is one ship we can totally get behind.

Tom did not react well when his ex Emma arrived in the villa…

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But a few fans seem to have been left wondering whether the whole thing is a ‘fix’, with some believing that producers are trying to set it up intentionally, having put them in a number of one-on-one scenarios.

Of course, this could be to see if there’s any dramz between the pair, or it could be a total coincidence.

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Speculative tweets included: ‘Anyone else think the #loveIsland producers are trying there hardest to get Sophie and Emma to hook up’ [sic],  ‘why does it seem like emma and sophie are gonna get together #loveisland’ and ‘Emma and Sophie 100% fancy each other #LoveIsland’.

Well, if Tom gets voted out, we’ll have to see what a single Sophie would get up to…

Sophie and Tom are both facing the public vote