People Are Bamboozled By Love Island’s Narrator

Let’s all take a minute to appreciate the true star of this year’s Love Island… the narrator!

Yep. With his Scottish accent and that hilarious commentary, it’s safe to say the show just wouldn’t have been the same without him.

But who is the man behind the voiceover? Well, we’ve already revealed that it’s 28-year-old Scottish comedian Iain Stirling.



However, if you missed that memo, host Caroline Flack introduced him to viewers on last night’s final.

Of course, people were pretty excited to put a face to the voice. One Tweeted: ‘A HUGE round of applause please for the narrator bloke cos he’s made me laugh a LOT this series!!!’

Another wrote: ‘Can’t cope with the narrator guy on @LoveIsland actually in person #legend.’



However, others ended up a little confused by his appearance. Messages included: ‘The narrator on love island sounds so much older than he looks #LoveIsland,’ and: ‘Still cant believe the narrator for love island is the guy that presented the CBBC channel.’

But even more shocked were those who were convinced Iain was somebody else entirely… namely Scottish actor David Tennant.

One bamboozled fan said: ‘Was so shocked when Ian the narrator appeared.. I swear I thought it was David Tennant.’

> Some people seemed to think that Love Island’s narrator was, er, David Tennant


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Another said: ‘Iain Sterling #LoveIsland narrator??? I thought it was David Tennant.’



Luckily, Iain didn’t seem too fazed by the case of mistaken identity. He Tweeted: ‘Cheers for all the lovely #loveisland comments. Apparently I’ve got the voice of a 40 something father of three.’

Lolz. 40-year-old voice or not, we can’t wait to have you back next year, Iain.