The LOL Reason We Were Distracted During The Love Island Final

If you watched the Love Island 2016 final last night, you will know that Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey were crowned the official winners.

You will also know that Caroline Flack was hosting the live show in the grounds of the villa, and that there was a bit of a party going on in the background.

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Except, people were a little distracted by the crowd the show’s producers had decided to bring in. And it sparked one HILARIOUS reaction on Twitter.

Because whilst Caroline was busy interviewing the final four couples, the extras were intent on getting boozy in the background, and we’re not going to lie, there were some seriously questionable shapes being thrown.

Not only that, but some of the crowd were so rowdy that they seemed to forget there were interviews going on – we mean, we could barely hear Alex and Olivia talking during their final interview…



And viewers were equally as baffled.

‘#LoveIsland rent-a-crowd are freaking me out’, tweeted one person. 

‘The crowd in the background keep chatting among themselves as though there isn’t a live TV programme happening. #loveisland’, wrote another.

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Even former Islander Liana was confused. ‘Sorry but I can’t get over how bad these background dancers are #loveislandfinal’, she posted. LOL.

However, there was one crowd member in particular that caused a HUGE stir. 



‘Anyone else see the creepy man in blue shirt starring down the camera behind Caroline #LoveIsland’, one fan tweeted.

‘Who the hell was that guy in the blue shirt, felt like he was staring into my soul #LoveIsland’, said another. ‘Blue shirt guy is giving STRONG eye contact damn #LoveIsland’, posted a third.

So, so good.