Love Island’s Olivia And Alex Have Been Arguing With Malin Andersson


Things have SERIOUSLY kicked off between Love Island‘s Olivia Buckland, Alex Bowen and Malin Andersson.

The trigger came when engaged couple Alex, 24, and 23-year-old Olivia were interviewed by MTV – and pretended they couldn’t remember who Malin was. Ouch.

When talking about who from the show she’s still close friends with, Olivia mentioned BFFs Cara De La Hoyde and Tina Stinnes, but went on to say: ‘There’s some that I haven’t been in contact with… She went out with Terry. What was her name?’

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Alex responded: ‘She’s completely irrelevant to everyone’s lives so I don’t remember who she is… Does it begin with M?’ before Olivia joked: ‘Mary! That was it!’

olivia buckland alex bowen

Unsurprisingly, this led to some dramz on Twitter.

Olivia began by quoting the MTV video and calling it ‘all fun and games’.

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But when some followers had a rather confused (and unimpressed) reaction, she added:

But this wasn’t even nearly the end. Olivia went on to defend herself and her hubby-to-be by writing: ‘Me and Alex are fair but we also like to mess about, we take the p*** and we don’t take s*** seriously.’

Alex also joined in, Tweeting: ‘When I get asked a question in a interview I’m gonna be truthful ain’t about that fake s***… don’t block me and chat waffle..’

Olivia quoted Alex’s message and agreed: ‘We’re not friends and we don’t pretend to be.’

Finally attempting to address Malin directly, Olivia wrote: ‘Malin. I can’t tag you dear because you blocked me a while back but I hope you can understand it was a joke in a fun silly interview. Calm x.’

So was Malin ‘calm’? Apparently not.

As well as re-Tweeting various comments from fans sticking up for her, the 24-year-old hit back: ‘If I’m that irrelevant why the hell am I on your mind.. f***ing bullies.’

malin love island

Crikey. Will we be seeing this level of drama from our new batch of Love Island contestants? Let’s face it… Probably!

By Emily Jefferies