Love Island Fans React To Dom And Kem’s Hilarious Post-Sex Celebration

Viewers LOVED this scene in last night's episode...

Last night’s Love Island saw laughs, tears and a pretty heated debate.

But before the fierce feminism fight, viewers were treated to something pretty special.

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After the previous night’s bedroom antics between Jess and Dom and Amber and Kem, the two lads met in the morning to dish the dirt…

Instead of playing it cool, Kem immediately asked Dom how his night was, to which Dom responded: ‘You know what I’ve done.’

Elated Kem whispered back: ‘So did I!’

Then, to the tune ‘I Just Had Sex’ by The Lonely Island and Akon (head straight to YouTube it if you haven’t heard it, it’s hilarious) the two Love Island lads were seen running into the bedroom holding hands before jumping on the beds and embracing each other in celebration.

Later in the beach hut, Essex hairdresser Kem confided to the cameras: ‘Everyone doubted me but I am the king of this gaffe.

‘Don’t doubt someone like me, that’s just what I do.’

Viewers of the reality show instantly took to Twitter to react to the boys.

Former Islander Javi Shephard shared: ‘Kem and Dom like two virgins losing it’.

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison seemed to agree with: ‘Dom an dkem legit acting like the first geezers to ever have sex’ [sic].

Another former Islander, Adam Maxted, described the scene in his usual style:

‘Dom and kem celebrating like two little girls at school giggling to themselves when their crush pays them attention’.

Dom Lever on Love Island

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One fan of the show loved the lads’ celebrations: ‘Kem and dom running and jumping around to I just had sex, is probably the best thing that’s happened yet on #loveisland’, and another confessed: ‘I’ve never laughed so much at kem & dom’.

‘We’re 6 minutes in and NOTHING will beat Dom and Kem’s celebration. May as well end the episode now tbf.’ one satisfied viewer praised.

Whether you saw the funny side or thought it was all a little cringe, these viral moments are what Love Island is all about.

And we’re sure there’ll be plenty more to come.

Tune into ITV2 at 9pm tonight to catch up with all the latest Love Island drama!

By Emily Jefferies