Love Island Fans Defend New Girl Georgia As She Splits Kem And Amber

The re-coupling on Friday night really shook things up...

Friday night’s episode of Love Island was one of the most dramatic yet.

With arguably the most controversial re-coupling to happen so far this series, we saw Tyla Carr stolen away from Jonny Mitchell by Theo Campbell, and Georgia Harrison taking Kem Cetinay from Amber Davies.

Considering Kember had recently made things official, Georgia’s bold choice certainly divided viewers.

Who's ready for tomorrow's @loveisland @itv2 I know I am 😜😘😈

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But while Amber and Jonny didn’t take too kindly to the choices, some fans have stuck up for the newbies.

One wrote: ‘Not bein funny but who the f*** was Georgia supposed to choose?! Everyones coupled up, cut her some slack [sic],’ while another Tweeted: ‘Jonny’s such a wetwipe man & Chris, I agree with him. After Georgia’s explanation, she seems sound man, she isn’t intervening [sic].’

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Georgia Love Island

Others wrote: ‘Amber is just p***ed cos Theo was her type on paper and he chose Tyler so Amber couldn’t get one up on Kem!! Team Georgia,’ and: ‘Catching up on last night’s Love Island. Georgia shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable for doing what she needed to do [sic].’

Others believed it was contradictory for both Amber and Tyla to be angry at Georgia.

One message read: ‘Georgia’s a cutie and amber’s acting like a b**** when she’s mugged over so many people on this show.’

Some confused viewers said: ‘Wasn’t Amber just telling Theo that he has no loyalties to anyone, so why is it different for Georgia? Little snake,’ and: ‘Is tyla actually getting mad about stealing someone else’s man when that’s EXACTLY what she did??? [sic].’


Kem and Amber made it official this week

However, some didn’t agree with Georgia’s choice to choose Kem: ‘Don’t understand what Georgia thinks is gonna happen when Kem is literally Amber’s boyfriend [sic].’

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Kem does not seem impressed!! What are your thoughts? 😵 #LoveIsland #Kember

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Another agreed: ‘Nah thats the muggiest thing, that is ambers BOYFRIEND. like her or not, for georgia to pick him is out of order [sic].’

Tune in to ITV2 tonight at 9pm to see how Georgia is settling into the villa.

By Emily Jefferies