Are Love Island’s Rykard And Rachel Faking It?

Ever since Rykard Jenkins and Rachel Fenton left the Love Island villa, many fans have been dying to know if the pair have kept the romance alive.

Rykard made a hugely romantic gesture by quitting the show when partner Rachel was voted out – but it didn’t run totally smoothly.

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Upon her exit, host Caroline Flack let slip to Rachel that Rykard had done the naughty with pal Olivia whilst he was semi-dating Rach, which obviously didn’t go down well…

However, since then, the pair have reunited, and by the looks of it, have spent pretty much every single DAY together since leaving the island.

But we’ve got something awful to tell you. Because an insider that’s very close to the show has let slip that Rachel and Ry’s relationship might not be the real deal….




‘Rykard was going to leave the villa anyway, he’d already made up his mind’, our insider exclusively told LOOK. ‘He was going to leave before Rachel got voted off, so him ‘leaving for her’ was all a show’.

‘It’s not real’, our source added.

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This news that Rachel and Rykard might not actually be the lovebirds we were all hoping they were will no doubt come as a huge blow to Love Island fans.

Just yesterday, one fan tweeted: ‘@RachelFenton_ @ItsRykard so happy that Rykard left for Rachel, proves money isn’t everything! ye two are so cute togethermakes me so happy that @RachelFenton_ and @ItsRykard are still together.’



‘@ItsRykard can’t believe you and Rachel are still together I love it! You have something real! Keep it’, wrote another.

Aww. We just CAN’T believe these two aren’t the real deal. We’ve still got our fingers firmly crossed for love.