Love Island’s Emma And Terry Just Announced A *Big* Relationship Change

Things are going to be *very* different for Love Island's Emma and Terry...

We’re not sure about you, but we’re pretty emotionally invested in the Love Island relationships.

Yup- we’ve cried, we’ve celebrated and we’ve *probably* also even sacrificed our own relationships over our interest in the Islander couple. All in all, it’s been a ride.  

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And so, due to this light obsession, we have now instigated a new life mantra- there ain’t no good news quite like Love Island good news.

And guess what people?! In a very convenient twist of fate, we bring some good ol’ Love Island news! 

Proving all the skeptics wrong, Emma and Terry have announced they have now moved in together- after becoming an official couple last month!


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The couple shared the news via Twitter, with Emma writing: ‘So me and @terrywalsh88 are now officially all moved in together…Did that actually just happen’…

Terry followed up with: ‘Me and @emmajwoodhams just become official roomies’…

We’re so happy for the couple, who made their relationship official last month after Tel met Emma’s parents.

Since announcing the news, the couple have received multiple messages of congratulations- with replies reading things such as ‘that’s amazing all the best to you both’ and ‘soo pleased for you and Terry’.

Of course the good news received a bit of skepticism (because, apparently theres no pleasing *some* people), which was expertly dealt with by Emma- who replied to a Tweet that read: ‘Why to break up in a couple of months’ with one of her trademark sassy responses…

In fact, we’re even happier for the genetically-blessed couple after some rumours began circulating earlier this month which alluded to Emma possibly cheating on Terry whilst in Magaluf.

However, it appears this was nothing more than just a rumour- and the pair are definitely stronger than ever. Phew!

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Best milkshakes ❤️❤️❤️

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Congratulations Emma and Terry! 

Alice Perry