Love Island’s Emma-Jane Woodhams Makes Heartbreaking Pregnancy Confession

The reality TV star has bravely spoken out about something very important...

Love Island 2016 star Emma-Jane Woodhams is pregnant with her first child, and the star seems seriously excited.

But now – in the hope of raising awareness for those who have lost unborn babies and to draw attention to Baby Loss Awareness Week – Emma has opened up about suffering an ectopic pregnancy when she was just a teenager.

The 21-year-old told OK! magazine what happened: ‘I got up on a Sunday after a night out, and I had really bad back pains. I told my mum I didn’t feel well and she just said I was hungover so I went back to bed.’

She continued: ‘It got really bad, I was screaming, so I went up to the hospital. They actually did an ultrasound on me and said I had appendicitis. They put me on a drip of antibiotics to bring the inflammation down in my appendix, because they were worried it could burst.

‘I was in there for a day and a half and still complaining of a lot of pain. A specialist then came in and looked at my notes again. 20 minutes later he said: ‘I’m sorry, we’ve missed this, you’ve got an ectopic pregnancy… That was the most horrendous thing. It was so scary. My initial thought was: ‘I’m never going to be able to have kids again.’’

Emma went on to discuss the operation: ‘When they operated, I lost my left fallopian tube and the ovary, and part of the tissue around it. When I came round from the operation, I just didn’t understand what had happened, and there were no real answers. They gave me a leaflet with a website, and directed me to other people.’

She added: ‘They told my mum that if I was getting depressed, to go to a GP. That was it. The next day I was discharged and sent home.’

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Describing the aftermath of the trauma, the brunette beauty continued: ‘I lay in bed for three days and couldn’t get my head around what had happened. For a while I tried to pretend it hadn’t happened. My sister told me I should speak to someone, because I hadn’t dealt with it. The people in the hospital treated it as such a routine thing, but for me, my world had turned upside down.’

‘If you ever see anything about miscarriage, it’s about losing babies by bleeding, I never really see pregnancies where you have to have an operation to have the baby removed,’ she admitted. ‘It’s still just as hard, you’re still losing your baby! I think because with ectopic pregnancies, I didn’t realise I was pregnant, so I think it’s quite common when you have an ectopic pregnancy, a lot of people go into hospital thinking they have something else wrong with them.’

Detailing her shock, the Love Island lady told the publication: ‘All of a sudden a doctor says that you’re pregnant, and you’re having an ectopic pregnancy. That obviously rocked my world, because I thought ‘Oh my god, I’m pregnant!’ That was the first thing myself and my boyfriend had to process.’

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‘Then it was like… ‘Okay so I’m pregnant, but it’s ectopic and I have to get an operation to have it removed… It was very scary, and being 18 and never really hearing about it… It never gets talked about in schools.’

She went on: ‘With a miscarriage, especially ectopic, there just isn’t that same support for women. When it’s not talked about and not a common thing, you feel everyone else isn’t making a big deal. I thought: ‘Am I just being stupid? Maybe it’s not a big deal, maybe I need to get a grip.’’

She concluded: ‘It’s something that really could be highlighted for young girls. It’s just as hard to lose a baby at 18, as it is at 35. It’s something that should be spoken about more, and even just making people feel they’re not the only people it’s happened to. It’s a horrendous and horrible thing to go through, but you’re not alone.’

For more information or support, you can contact Baby Loss Awareness on 020 3897 6092 or visit