These Comments About Love Island’s Emma Are So Cruel

The 19-year-old has been criticised for something *pretty* weird on Instagram...

Those Love Island ladies have been having a pretty good time since they left the villa last week.

They’ve been landed with thousands of fans, are constantly out enjoying VIP treatment in nightclubs and have received some very nice presents.

Emma Woodham has been happy to show off some of these gifts on her Instagram, sharing a snap of a cute black bracelet yesterday.

Emma Love Island hand

It was *this* photo that caused a stir on Instagram

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She’d captioned the image: ‘Thank you @infinitybraceletuk for my gorgeous piece. Head over there to have a look at their other products and get your own!!’

Pretty, huh? We’re also loving the coffee-coloured mani and the humongous diamond ring.

Emma Love Island hand

Emma hooked up with Terry Walsh on Love Island

But unfortunately for Emma, this upload led her to experience a slightly darker side of fame.

For some reason, some of the 19-year-old’s followers decided it was acceptable to, er, fat-shame her hands. Yep, SERIOUSLY.

Comments included: ‘Chubby hands on u,’ ‘Haha I just noticed her hands are chubby,’ and: ‘Just about to say horrid hands n fingers for a girl….then i see above everyone else is saying it.’

Love Island Emma hand

Emma hit back at her haters – with a *great* response

Um. We’re not even sure what we’re reading here?! Emma’s hands look totally normal to us.

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Luckily, she didn’t seem particularly fazed by the criticism. She responded: ‘I like my chubby hands thanks… I never have cold hands.’

Emma Love Island hand

And she’s also received plenty of support. One follower wrote: ‘You’re stunning, intelligent and seem lovely, you’ve done nothing to deserve the negative comments on here.

Another said: ‘Hands dont look chubby to me!!! Love the nails.’

We totally agree, lady! Well done for shutting the haters down.