The Tweet That’s Doing The Rounds About Love Island’s Terry And Emma

A Love Island fan has suggested that Emma Woodhams may have cheated on Terry Walsh...

Love Island’s Terry Walsh and Emma Woodhams have seemed totally loved up since leaving the villa.

Alongside Kady and Scott, Cara and Nathan and Olivia and Alex, Terry and Emma are another one of the Love Island couple’s who have so far stood the test of time.

And we couldn’t be happier about it.

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Duvet day with Tel Bear ? #longtimecoming

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But a tweet that’s been doing the rounds on Twitter has completely rocked fans of the couple, because, did something happen when one of them was on holiday?!

A screengrab from a text conversation between two friends that was tweeted (and later deleted) seems to suggest that Emma may have cheated on Terry whilst in Magaluf. WHAT?!

emma terry love island cheat

A message doing the rounds on Twitter suggests Emma may have cheated on Terry…

‘You know Emma who’s with terry?’ the first message reads.

‘Let’s just say she cheated last week on him in maga’, the person continued.

‘OMG how do you know??!’ the friend replies.

‘With my mate from work [crying emoji] and I can’t because he also has a girlfriend’, reads the last message.

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Of course, this could be totally made up, but if true, would break our hearts. Because, what about LOVE?

The person who tweeted the message then posted again, suggesting that Emma had been in touch with her directly to discuss some ‘videos’ filmed of her abroad. Hmm.

Whether true or not, Emma and Terry still seemed to enjoy a very cute reunion after Emma touched down from Magaluf last night, and didn’t show any signs of trouble.

‘Finally got @emmajwoodhams home ?. Straight to @NandosUK ?’, Terry tweeted.

Emma then followed up with a cute tweet about Tel, and her needy outbursts, which read: ‘Terry is perfect for me because he just puts down the iPad when i jump on him with a needy outburst.. they happen often ?❤ @terrywalsh88.’

However, Terry later tweeted about booking a last minute flight to Ibiza, and seemed to arrive THAT NIGHT (we know), as a guy pal then tweeted: ‘When @terrywalsh88 surprises u and turns up in Ibiza the quiet night goes out the window ???.’

Hang on, so he’s now in Ibiza?! Hmm. We’ll have to wait and see how this one unfolds…