What’s Going To Happen Between Love Island’s Dom And Jess Now?

After an explosive Sunday night in the Love Island villa, Dom is about to be reunited with Jess...

Dominic Lever has become the latest Love Island contestant to leave the show. In the biggest twist so far, the ITV2 producers decided to stir the pot – big time – by sending in a whole host of new boys and girls to tempt the original islanders.

After a few days in Casa Amor – yup, the second villa which housed the lads and their newfound lady friends – the original line-up were delivered some bombshell news.

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They were to re-couple, but with a twist. The decision was between sticking with their former girl (from the original villa) or twisting with one of the newbies.

Not too far away, the girls were given the same choice. But, as Caroline Flack announced, the re-coupling would leave consequences.

Dom chose to stick with Montana, but little did he know that she had decided to re-couple with her new beau Alex. That meant that Dom was to be handed a plane ticket off of the island.

Just a week and a half after his ‘girlfriend’ Jess Shears was dumped from the reality show, he followed suit.

Jess Shears left beau Dom Lever in the villa after being voted off Love Island last week

Explaining how he felt about the situation, Dom told Flackers: ‘Do I take a risk and bring a girl up here and possibly lose Montana who’s been here from day one, or do I take a risk coming up here knowing that she’s got someone…?

‘I said I’d step aside and I get to go home and see the girl I love. So I’m over the moon, man.’


You’d think that Jess would have been cheering from her sofa at home, right? Wrong.

Jess Shears

Apparently the 24-year-old was out, tweeting to her followers: ‘Not been watching @LoveIsland can someone send me a video clip of Dom leaving xxx’.

Her followers seemed a little confused, with replies including: ‘Why didn’t you watch omg x’ and ‘If you really cared you’d have been watching it…’

However, as soon as one fan shared a video clip of his departure, she retweeted it. Having been talking about him since her exit, we have no doubt that she’s looking forward to their reunion.

After leaving the show, Dom explained why he wanted to stick by her despite remaining on the show: ‘I stayed loyal to the girl because I had very strong feelings for her.

‘I don’t think it’s ever been done before on Love Island, someone leaving and then someone staying loyal and I suppose it’s my stubborn side coming out as well as my loyal side. I said a few times in the villa that I was scared to admit how I felt and I said that a few times to Jess but the moment she left I felt like I should have told her exactly how I feel. She told me she loved before she left and I feel like I should have said it but I didn’t think it was the right time.

‘But yes, I love the girl and I genuinely can’t wait to see her.’

But, what about those Mike rumours?

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Dom admits: ‘Being in the villa you’re in your own little bubble and you never expect to hear anything like that. For me, it was such a hard thing to deal with because I kind of called it on Mike’s side. I thought Mike will probably try it on with her…’

He added: ‘I can’t wait to see her and it’s going to be a big moment. That is my main priority, to see her and finally air things out.’

Dom did confess that, if it turned out to be true,  ‘it will be the end for us in regards to a romantic relationship’, according to OK! online. 


Let’s see what happens next…