Apparently, Love Island Cut This Telling Scene Between Jess And Dom

There was reportedly a lot more to yesterday's Mr and Mrs game than we saw...

Last night’s Love Island was pretty revealing, wasn’t it?

The contestants took part in a game of Mr and Mrs, which saw them answer a series of saucy questions about each other.

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Gabby on Love Island

Gabby and Marcel smashed the Mr and Mrs challenge

We learnt that Blazin’ Squad’s Marcel Somerville had hooked up with ‘between 200-300’ girls, while Sam Gowland’s magic number was ‘more than 100’.

Marcel managed to correctly guess Gabby Allen’s middle name, despite the fact that she’d never told him, and Chris Hughes immediately became a meme when he wrote down that Chloe Crowhurst’s ideal celebrity man is ‘Jason Staythumb’. LOLz.

But it was when the Islanders started talking about their favourite sex positions that things got a little out of hand.

Dom and Jessica on Love Island

Dom and Jessica hooked up in the hideaway

In fact, according to The Sun, some of the answers were so explicit that producers chose not to air them. Eep.

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Dom Lever was reportedly left disappointed when Jess Shears failed to get his favourite position right, claiming that they’d actually tried it out in the hideaway.

He said: ‘We did it, we did that position in the hideaway. Blows my mind how she did not get that.’

Dom and Jess describe themselves as the villa’s ‘power couple’

Luckily, he seemed to forgive her later on. When the couples spoke about how their relationships were going, Jess told Dom she’s ‘so chuffed’ that they’ve spent almost every day together.

‘I’m not sure how I’d be here without you,’ she said. ‘I’m ridiculously confident that not a lot could break us.’

But of course, viewers had a lot to say about the revelations.

One Tweeted: ‘Having to explain what half the positions are to me mam on love island was not how i expected my night to go,’ while another wrote: ‘I think more attention needs to be paid to the fact that Marcel guessed Gabbi’s middle name first time?! Wtf?! #LoveIsland [sic].’

Fair point, that.