So What Happened Between Olivia And Chris AFTER That Shock Re-Coupling?

Chris seems to have fallen pretty hard for the blonde islander. But she's now officially coupled-up with newbie Mike...

A LOT went down on last night’s episode of Love Island.

Over the past few days, new lad Mike had been turning a lot of heads in the villa. And one lady who certainly seemed keen to get to know him was Olivia Attwood.

Of course, this didn’t come without its complications, considering she was getting close to Chris Hughes at the time.

After the boys’ battle for the blonde, Mike was triumphant when he got first choice in the re-coupling and, of course, he chose Olivia.

Chris, who repeatedly insisted he ‘wasn’t bothered’, seemed very bothered and instead chose to partner up with Chloe – who he had actually ditched for Olivia few days earlier.

Drama, drama, drama.

Mike and Olivia have a cheeky kiss in a game of Truth Or Dare

In the spin-off show, Love Island: Aftersun, we were treated to an exclusive clip which showed Chris revealing his true feeling to Olivia AFTER the re-coupling.

‘The thing is, I f***ing like you,’ Chris confessed. ‘But I’ve got self-worth, and I can’t mug myself off like if you want to go there then you want to go there.’

‘No, I know, I know,’ an unusually timid Olivia responded.

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Chris continued: ‘I’d rather just know from you. You’re the only person who can tell me how you feel.

‘I don’t know what he can offer you that I can’t, I don’t know what more he’s going to bring.

‘I don’t think he makes you laugh like I do.’

Olivia Chris

Olivia and Chris were getting closer before new lad Mike entered the villa

It’s like something out of a movie, right?!

When Aftersun presenter Caroline Flack revealed the clip, she asked her panel of celebrity guests: ‘When Chris acts like that and he puts his heart on the line, do we like him a bit more?’

‘No,’ replied journalist Dan Wootton. ‘Because this is someone who has spent the entire week in the house talking about how he is God’s gift to women, how he’s got so much more to offer than anyone in there.

‘The reality is, at the end of the day, she did “mug him off” but he sort of deserved it.’

One Aftersun viewer agreed: ‘Agree with @danwootton 100%. Chris bigged himself up too much…’ [sic].

A few others also seemed to share the view that Chris ‘deserved it’.

‘Even though I don’t like Mike, it’s hilarious Chris has got mugged off,’ tweeted a satisfied viewer.

Another fan described it as ‘karma’:

‘Chris and similar boys deserve the karma, not everyone wants you now Hun, unlucky xxxx’.

‘Chris get over it, you put Chloe through that situation so now expect it to happen to you,’ an angry viewer pointed out.

Aw. We can’t help but feel a little sorry for him.

And, after Chris’ lady was stolen from him, we predict that there could be fireworks tonight…

By Emily Jefferies