Fans Show Concern For Love Island’s Chris Hughes After His Health News

There's a reason why you didn't see much of Chris in Thursday's Love Island...

If you tuned in for Thursday night’s Love Island you might have noticed that a certain something was missing.

Yup. There was definitely a distinct lack of impromptu rapping and odd metaphors. Where was Chris Hughes?!

Sadly the 22-year-old missed out on most of the day’s antics, having spent it in bed feeling unwell. Poor lamb.

Viewers took to Twitter throughout the episode to ask after him – particularly after that challenge, which saw the lads (minus Chris) performing a strip tease for the ladies.

One fan wrote: ‘Where was chris’s strip tease dance! where has he gone #loveisland’ [sic].

Another added: ‘Not happy about not seeing Chris strip 😒 #loveisland @LoveIsland #bestbod’ [sic].

Roughly half way through the programme, voiceover man (and legend) Iain Stirling explained: ‘Chris has been in bed all day feeling poorly.’

Both Olivia and Kem paid a visit to poorly Chris…

Chris has won the hearts of the public over the past few weeks, and it seems as though a lot of fans of the show are concerned for him. The Gloucestershire-born lad has had an emotional and difficult few days, and viewers have been speculating about whether this could have something to do with his health news, particularly as he has admitted to suffering from anxiety in the past.

Reactions included: ‘I wonder if Chris had a panic attack, he has suffered from anxiety in the past…’ and ‘Awww poor Chris bet he has suffered anxiety or panic…’

Of course, this is purely speculation. No further explanation of the nature of his illness appears to have been given by ITV2, but he did sit out of the rest of the activities during last night’s show.

As much as we missed him on our screens, we’re pleased to see that he’s getting the rest that he needs.

We’re sending hugs into the villa and wishing Chris a speedy recovery.