Love Island’s Chris Jumps To Girlfriend Olivia’s Defence On Social Media

Chris and Olivia have been putting on a united front since coming third in this year's series of Love Island...

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood had something of a bumpy ride during their time in the Love Island villa.

It’s safe to say that the pair were instantly attracted to each other, with Olivia calling things off with Sam Gowland (remember that romance?!) before then admitting that she fancied the farmer from Gloucestershire.

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Of course, it took them a little while to actually couple-up, with ‘Muggy Mike’ causing a bit of a blip for them.

Despite the, er, temptation of the ‘d*** sand’, Chris and Olivia eventually came together and, although they didn’t exactly have a smooth relationship, only had eyes for one another until the point that they eventually made things official.

Chris and Olivia on Love Island

Olivia and Chris had a bit of a tough time in the Love Island villa, but have come out of the other side…

In the moment that saw them put all of the drama behind them, Olivia read out a list of ten reasons she loved Chris – which included a shout-out to his ‘iced gem’ hair – before finally confessing that she wanted to be his girlfriend.

Sunday night’s Love Island reunion proved that they’re still going strong. Cosying up on the sofa for an interview with Caroline Flack, the pair revealed that they had spent some time at Chris’s farm.

Olivia and Chris finally made things official, and had a very loved-up final date before the Love Island final…

Olivia told the ITV2 host: ‘You know what, we had really good fun, didn’t we? I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.’

Whilst she described it as the ‘best day’ on her Instagram earlier in the week, she confessed that she couldn’t see herself working on the farm full time. She’s open to compromise though, telling Flackers: ‘Living, like full-time, seven days a week? No. I could do the weekend.’

Olivia told Chris she wanted to be his girlfriend

It’s no secret that Olivia was pretty marmite during her seven weeks in the villa, and it looks as though the public’s opinion hasn’t really changed too much. At least, that’s if Chris’s social media is anything to go by…

Following the airing of the show last night, boyfriend Chris decided to post a message in defence of his lady.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: ‘Olivia is an absolute diamond. Regardless of what a certain percentage think of her, that heart she has is made from candy floss. My girl…’

He ended the tweet with a heart emoji.

Aw, you guys!