We Need To Talk About Love Island’s Chris Hughes Right Now

It seems as though Chris has made himself very unpopular after last night's show. And some of the Twitter reactions are hilarious...

Oh, Chris. Chris, Chris, Chris.

If you tuned in to Love Island on Monday, there’ll be one thing that you’ll be thinking – what is going on with Chris?

Let’s rewind a moment.

Chris is currently coupled-up with Chloe Crowhurst. Not only that, but he’s been putting on a pretty good show of liking her. Well, snogging someone’s face off is a pretty big sign, no?

Chris Chloe Kiss

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But things seemed to take a drastic turn when he decided to confess to new girl Gabby Allen that, actually, he doesn’t fancy Essex girl Chloe at all. Hmm, could have fooled us.

As the pair of them lounged around on the outdoor bed, he told her: ‘Don’t repeat this, I know you’re not a gossip person but I don’t fancy Chloe at all.’

Chris Gabby

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But wait. It didn’t stop there.

He then went on to claim that Chloe was ‘massively’ into him. He said, ‘Without sounding arrogant, I do feel like she really likes me. To the point where she would lie with me on this bed all day if she could. She’s just so not my type of girl.’


Even Chloe, opening up to some of the other Love Island girls, admitted that she really wasn’t that into him – particularly after seeing his changing behaviour.

Let’s not forget the fact that, when Chlo’ tried to address the situation, Chris felt it was much more important to discuss the weather and the fact that he sometimes feels like a polar bear. Right.

As if Chris needed his ego inflating any further, he was hand-picked to go on dates with both of the new girls, Gabby and Tyne-Lexy.

He then told some of the lads that he actually had his eye on an original islander, but was concerned that she was already paired off. Yup, he was talking about Olivia – who’s been getting to know Sam.


The cherry on the cake came when he seemed to come to the conclusion that everyone in the villa fancied him.

It’s safe to say that viewers were not impressed with Chris’ antics.

The Only Way Is Essex‘s Ferne McCann took to Twitter to react, saying: ‘I can’t understand how Chris’s head has got that big? #LoveIsIand I just don’t see it!’

Georgia Kousoulou then added: ‘Chris is annoying me ! I wish all the girls would stick together and mug him off 😂😂😂😂’.

Last year’s Love Island contestant Katie Salmon was not impressed either, tweeting: ‘Chris you are a 3 babe on your best day. Get him out. All this he respects woman on his VT bull shit. These women need to set him straight.’

Malin Andersson, on the other hand, had some sympathy for him: ‘Lol legit feel sorry for Chris and the way he’s coming across 😂😂’.

Other viewers’ comments included: ‘Chris is that guy in the club who sais ‘you’re not fit anyway’ when you say you don’t want him to get you a drink #loveisland [sic]’, ‘loool Chris on love island is such a cringe bag, worst kinda boy [sic]’ and ‘Just don’t think Chris’s head can get any bigger, I honestly think he’s vile 😷 #loveisland’.

One thing’s for sure, we definitely want to see how it all unfolds tonight.