Love Island Star Chris’s Brother Defends His Behaviour

Chris' family and friends dished the dirt...

Last night we were treated to two whole hours of Love Island action, thanks to brilliant spin-off show After Sun.

There’s been SO much drama this week and, of course, we’ve been loving it.

One person in particular has proved very controversial after his entrance to the villa, and can you guess who it is? One hint: He’s like a polar bear.

Yep. Chris has been enraging and entertaining viewers with his unashamedly cocky attitude. Remember when he openly voiced: ‘Everyone in this villa fancies me’?!

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But Chris’s brother Tom and best pal Charlie took to the After Sun sofa yesterday to chat to host Caroline Flack about who he really is.

When Caroline asked if we were seeing the real Chris, bro Tom answered: ‘Erm… Sometimes. He’s an idiot sometimes, but he’s a funny idiot.’

Charlie added: ‘I think a lot of what you see, when he’s being quite arrogant, is tongue-in-cheek. He doesn’t actually think he’s better looking than David Beckham obviously, but he said it with a straight face.’

Caroline interjected: ‘But when he said: “Everyone fancies me,” we can’t make that stuff up, we can’t edit that.’

Tom stuck up for his brother: ‘But he wasn’t lying, there were five girls who actually adored him, and the only one who didn’t, he fancied.’

When asked what Chris is going to do now ‘Muggy Mike’ has stolen Olivia from him, the lads seemed uncertain.

Charlie said: ‘We were actually discussing that before, and we were surprised he didn’t pick Camilla himself. Obviously there was an interest between the two of them a bit earlier on and she said that she liked him.

‘She also picked him when they were bouncing on the balloons and doing the lap dances, so we thought he might have gone that way but obviously he didn’t.’

Caroline seemed confused: ‘So why did he pick Chloe then?’

‘I think she genuinely has had his back a little bit,’ Tom replied. ‘The thing with Chris is he’s quite an honest guy, as you can see, he tells people what he thinks.

‘They didn’t fall out, they actually get on. We were surprised that he coupled with her in the first place, to be fair.’

Charlie chipped in: ‘She’s just security for him.’

Chris got the text to announce tonight's recoupling. Which girl is going home? #loveisland #teamchris 💕☀️🏝

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After saying they didn’t think Chris was ready to give up on Olivia, Caroline asked if he always gets his girl in the end.

‘Most of the time, yeah,’ Charlie admitted.

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‘Yeah he does because he’s good looking, but he’s got no arrogance about him,’ brother Tom insisted, despite roaring laughter in the studio.

‘In real life, in real life! He’s not a player in real life. Behind the polar bear, the Easter eggs and all that other rubbish, he’s a really genuine guy.’

What will Chris get up to in tonight’s episode? Find out at 9pm on ITV2.

By Emily Jefferies