Love Island Fans Have Definitely Changed Their Minds About Chris

Sunday night's episode saw Chris and Olivia entering a rough patch. And viewers had a lot of feelings...

If there’s one thing we truly love about Love Island, it’s that people can prove that a first impression isn’t always a lasting one.

If we’re all being honest with ourselves, it’s fair to say that Chris Hughes didn’t exactly inspire the public to back him when he bulldozed into the villa claiming that everyone fancied him…

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His ‘polar bear’ and weather remarks to Chloe Crowhurst, during what should have been a pretty serious relationship discussion, didn’t exactly go very far to warm us.

BUT. Fast forward a few weeks – and a very on/off romance with fellow islander Olivia Attwood – and viewers seem to be championing him as one of their faves.

And we’re right there with them.

Chris and Olivia on Love Island

During Sunday night’s episode – which documented the aftermath of one of the most dramatic re-couplings we have ever witnessed – Chris and Olivia appeared to put the breaks on their relationship.

It all seemed to stem from Chris telling new girl Georgia that she hadn’t done anything wrong when picking Kem – who’s in a full blown relationship with Amber – to re-couple with.

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Now, Chris has something of a bromance with the Essex hairdresser, so he later clarified that his words were only meant to help make the newcomer feel more comfortable, as he felt bad that many of the original islanders were turning against her.

Chris Hughes on Love Island

A pretty understandable ‘nice guy’ move, no?

Apparently Olivia didn’t agree with his handling of the situation, and this seemed to develop into a bigger discussion about how she felt the need to tread on eggshells around him.

After an emotional heart-to-heart, Olivia seemed to request a ‘break’, with Chris getting a little tearful in the Beach Hut.

He told the camera, ‘It’s just hard, because I ain’t a f***ing bad person. The problem is I can’t be with someone like that.’

Viewers seemed to take his side, with reactions including: ‘Let’s take a break in our relationship because you’ve done nothing wrong, are too nice and I’m crazy #LoveIsland Olivia and Chris 😫’ and ‘Can Chris even breathe without Olivia having a problem with it? Give the poor lad a break and remember ur punching babe #LoveIsland’.

Others noted their change of opinion, with one tweeting: ‘I really didn’t like Chris at the beginning but now he’s my precious rapping polar bear #loveisland’.

Will they make things up?

Let’s tune in tonight to find out…