Love Island’s Chloe Crowhurst Hits Back At Jon Clark’s Claims

Chloe speaks to LOOK about her reported relationship, and she's NOT impressed with the TOWIE star...

Love Island hasn’t even started yet – and there’s already drama left, right and centre.

Earlier this week we were introduced to the six girls and five guys that are set to enter the villa. However, it’s since been claimed that not all of them were single before jetting off. Eeep.

TOWIE‘s Jon Clark – who was also on the first season of Love Island in 2015 – shared an Instagram post about himself and one of the new girls, Chloe Crowhurst, on Tuesday. And it took everyone by surprise…

So this was my gf chloe and she lived with me for last 6 months at my house we done everything together!! And the hole timeshe was going behind my back! To get on loveisland anyone that knows the pair is knows we was in a relationship! And have been for at least 7 months! She even came and picked a puppy up with me last week! And stayed at mine the night before she flew to @loveisland I can't belive I've been had over is such a way! She is totally fraud! She didn't even break up with me just her phone went off and her mum said she dropped it down the toilet! I'm gutted to think that someome@I let be part my family for so long can do this!! I feel sorry@for@amy guy she gets with on the island!! Let me get back out there and say my piece!! All I ever did was be there for her and support her! We fully together and she didn't even break up with me! I just want people to know the truth!

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Yep. He said that he and Chloe had been together for ‘at least seven months’, and that she hadn’t broken up with him before heading off to take part in the show.

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However, despite Chloe currently being holed up abroad, she’s still caught wind of Jon’s rant. And she’s not impressed.

Chatting to LOOK from the secret location, she hit back: ‘We’ve both been single a few months. I’ve seen him out, we’ve had a few drunken texts. We were together for three months. We met in May 2016, it was very on and off.’

Chloe DID admit that her mum told Jon she’d dropped her phone down the toilet, but said this was only because nobody could know she was going onto Love Island.

And she’s denied that she spent her final night before flying out with him, saying she was actually at Brentwood bar The Vine with a friend.

After learning that Jon had called her an ‘evil b****’ on Twitter, she said: ‘Him calling me a b**** is shocking.’

And when asked how she’d deal with Jon making a surprise appearance in the villa, she added: ‘If he came to the island I’ll just have to be myself. I don’t know what his intentions are or what’s going on in his mind.’

Could Jon Clark be returning to Love Island to confront Chloe Crowhurst…?

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Jon has since responded, sharing even more WhatsApp screengrabs on Instagram and writing: ‘After the stories I have read what chloe has said abwt is not being in a relationship for 3 months I had to post these message to show people im not lying.. this isn’t a publicity stunt I’m hurt and feel betrayed!!

‘This proves she was at my boxing match 2 weeks ago these messages where sent! And another proves she stayed at mine night before flying!! To @loveisland can see the dates on whatsapp! I just want people to know who she really is! Liar!! Who does that to another human being! I couldn’t do it! [sic].’

We can already tell that this is going to be going back and forth for a while, considering their stories are so different.

But we guess we’ll learn more when Love Island starts on Monday! Bring on more drama…

By Lois Pia North