Love Island’s Cara And Nathan On Sex In The Villa

The Love Island couple explain the cute reason why they were very private about their bedroom antics...

They might have been crowned the winners of Love Island, but you don’t know Nathan Massey and Cara de la Hoyde as well as you thought.

Because whilst they were known for their passionate exchanges in the villa, there’s one thing you didn’t know about their sexy moments in the villa.

Talking about when they finally got down and dirty for the first time, Nathan said that there’s one thing him and Cara refused to do.

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cara nathan love island

Nathan said that they didn’t want their parents to see them getting it on…

‘When you’ve got true feelings for each other, sex is important, we did it under the covers because our parents were watching,’ Nathan said.

‘We didn’t want to disrespect them and it’s not a fling.’

Aw. Super cute, no?

cara nathan love island

Cara agreed that they wanted to keep things private

Nathan’s comments come after it’s just been confirmed that Love Island will be investigated by OfCom after people complained about the racy antics – and Emma’s very public sex scene with Terry, in particular.

At the time, the housemates were stunned to see Emma throwing off the covers and getting intimate in full view of the bedroom – a move Nathan and Cara clearly didn’t feel was right for themselves.

cara nathan love island

These two seem to be going from strength to strength…

‘It took us a while to do it, longer than most people,’ Cara added to New! magazine. ‘He had to wait well over a week for a kiss.’

‘We’re with each other and that’s it, nothing will break us up’, Nathan said about their happy times since leaving the villa.

We totally believe you, guys.