Is This What Love Island’s Cara And Nathan Will Do Next?

Love Island has officially come to an end. Boooo.

But it’s safe to say it went out with a bang, with host Caroline Flack crowning Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde our winners of the season.

After nearly a million votes, the pair scooped the top prize with a whopping 54%. ‘For once in my life I’m speechless’, 25-year-old Nathan said, before adding to the viewers: ‘Thank you so much’.



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However, there was a twist. The couple were handed two envelopes, one with £50,000 in, and one with nothing. Cara, 26, got the money envelope and chose to share it. Of COURSE she did.

So what are the couple planning to do next? We already know they’ve declared their love for each other, with Cara even talking about babies. Ooh.

> Cara chose love over money last night


But viewers have another idea for them – their own reality show.

Tweets last night included: ‘Cara and Nathan could easily have a reality show after love island and it would be the funniest t.v show ever,’ and: ‘If Nathan n cara don’t have a reality show in a couple of years I’ll be ragin [sic].’

Another wrote: ‘They need a Nathan and Cara reality show now with them going to the supermarket and owning lots of dogs and stuff.’



Lolz. Well, we’d definitely tune in. But with Nathan’s BFF being Tommy Mallet, could we soon see him heading over to TOWIE instead?

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Wherever they end up, they’re clearly thrilled right now. Nathan Tweeted: ‘LOVE ISLAND WINNERS! Thank you to everyone that voted, words can’t describe how we are feeling right now #winners.’



Meanwhile, Cara said: ‘OMG! Amazing thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote for CARA & NATHAN. Winners #LoveIsland 2016.’

Aw. Big congrats, guys!