Viewers Can’t Believe What Happened With Love Island’s Camilla Last Night

She's fast becoming one of the nation's favourite Love Island ladies...

Love Island‘s Camilla Thurlow just doesn’t stop surprising us.

The 27-year-old had a very different life before entering the ITV2 villa.

Not your, well, typical islander, Cam’ was employed in the field of work known as Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Yup, she’s pretty bad-ass.

Camilla giggled in the game as she guessed Jonny’s favourite sex position

Camilla is naturally a lot more reserved than most of the other girls in the villa, but we’ve been loving to watch her slowly-but-surely come out of her shell.

She’s been enjoying an on/off romance with her fellow islander Jonny Mitchell, which has left many fans shipping them.

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The pair enjoyed a few kisses, but then swiftly broke up over their differing views on feminism (dividing the nation at the same time). But this didn’t stop Jonny from choosing her in the latest re-coupling.

Having a heart-to-heart, the pair decided that they would be just good friends – but fans are still holding out hope that they’ll become more than that one day…

Anyway, there was one moment on Tuesday night’s episode of Love Island that, once again, got viewers’ chins wagging about our Camilla.

The latest challenge came in the form of a very NSFW game, which saw the couples going head-to-head and acting out sex positions. Well, that was always going to be an attention-grabbing moment, wasn’t it?!

Camilla and Jonny were chosen to host the game, reading out the positions and keeping scores.

BUT. That didn’t stop the Love Island couple from acting out one of the more, er, ‘out there’ moves.

Gwarn guys!

Natch, Camilla took to the beach hut to debrief. And her comments caused quite the reaction on Twitter.

Speaking to camera, she said: ‘I do try and generally operate on the rule of ‘lady in the streets, freak in the sheets.”

Reactions included:

We fall a little more in love with Cam’ every single day.

Talk about a girl crush.

We can’t wait to get our next Love Island fix tonight…